One-Year Anniversary for Billy Bob & Thornton's Adoption

These pictures and comments are from the folks who adopted Billy Bob & Thornton from Purrin' at Pantops: Click here to see them from before.
Click here to see their 2 sisters Melody & Harmony.

Thornton & Billy Bob, showcasing Billy Bob's big ol' ears.
My favorite photo of the boys, ever. It's adorable. Thornton is in the foreground, Billy Bob in the back.
Thornton close-up... what a handsome man... He's very photogenic.
Thornton again, reading poetry. (Well, getting in the way of an essay I had to write, as cats are wont to do.)
Billy Bob, showing off what I call his old man belly, grooming.

  • Monday marks the one year anniversary of our adopting Billy Bob, now Loki (Norse trickster god) and Thornton, now Thor (mighty Norse god).
  • It has been a good year for everyone, and I think they enjoy our company. They certainly purr enough for us to think so.
  • It's funny that you guys talked about how much they just sat around while at the shelter. Well, life's not much different for them at home. They have a favorite spot on the bed (while it's unoccupied otherwise) from which they can see most of the action in the apartment via a hallway. They keep tabs on us from there.
  • Occasionally we’ll find them sleeping in the closet... or on the couch... or in the easy chair... or in the middle of the hallway. But they're always just lying around, enjoying being cared for.
  • Occasionally they play with each other, but more often we play with them. They're not big on self-play, I guess they're getting up there in age and have settled down. They do hunt bugs very efficiently, though.
  • Thornton is the lap-sitter of the two. Billy Bob doesn't actually FIT in our laps, as he's the bigger of the two cats.
  • Thornton manages to find a comfortable position somehow, and will keep us warm while we watch movies.
  • Billy Bob is the bedtime cuddler. He'll lay next to me in bed and keep me awake with his purring ("Well, you can't pet me if you go to sleep, so... Stay awake!"). He'll climb on my chest in the morning and lay down, purring (imagine someone putting three sacks of flour on your chest while you're asleep... then add lots of cat hair... that's our 15-pound Billy Bob!).
  • Mostly though he'll just perch on our legs, letting us know he's there, but not being too intrusive. For some reason, though, he just doesn't like to cuddle while we're awake.
  • They're incredible animals, and wonderful additions to the lives of myself and my husband.
  • I just can't imagine who would give up these guys when they still have so much personality and life to share.

You all are doing a wonderful thing for those kitties, keep up the great work! You definitely have my heartfelt appreciation for introducing me to the best cats we could have hoped for.

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The Fluffy Tribe said...

Oh Billy Bob and Thornton look so happy with their furrever home and 'beans, lucky boys ~The Fluffy Tribe