Melody and Harmony are now Nellie and Remi (they are the sisters of Billy Bob & Thornton)


We have been SO BLESSED by the addition of these very fun felines to our family – I can’t begin to thank you and all the volunteers at Purrin’ at Pantops enough for all that you do!Melody and Harmony have been re-named Nellie” and “Remi– and I truly don’t know which one was which in their previous lives, and to tell you the truth, the only sound they really consistently answer to is the sound of a cat-food can opening! We remember them by “Nice/Nervous Nellie” and “Round/Ring-tail Remi”. Remi is the one that looks almost EXACTLY like her brothers, with grayer tones, white whiskers, and a ringed tail. She still has the stomach wattle, but has lost a lot of weight. She started out at 14 pounds, and Nellie at 12, and now they are both down to the vet-recommended weight of 11 and a half pounds – svelte! (We have often wondered if Remi is the Mama, rather than the sister.) Remi, I swear, thinks she is a DOG! She sits up and begs, fetches toys and lays them at our feet, likes to play tug, and rolls over regularly to have to stomach scratched. Go figure! They cuddle with each other almost all the time (and with us, too!), and sleep with/on us every night. Remi pats at my head and covers, and will occasionally bite my nose, all with the hope of getting under the covers with me. (She’s a dog, I tell you --- she’s beyond transgender and way into trans-species!) I can tell you that our Nellie is the darker, more calico-looking one, with rich reds and dark browns, and dark whiskers. She is the quieter of the two, and most affectionate, liking to be kissed on the head often. She will actually head-butt me, asking to be kissed. I found out recently, too, that they’re not totally afraid of dogs, and that they are completely calm during lightning and thunderstorms – they even come sit on the windowsill to watch the light show!

They know that suitcases mean trouble, and on more than one occasion, have climbed into our suitcases while we’re packing for a trip , very clearly saying, “Take me with you!”

However…. They don’t ride well in the car at all, mewling and sometimes messing along the way. Maybe that will be a project for the fall… we’ll just go on field trips in the car, just to get them used to it.


Parker said...

You asked if the furminaor works. It is a MIRACLE! It's expensive - about $35, but worth every cent

Lux said...

Ack - no furminator! ;-)

Nellie and Remi are some nice-looking cats!