: Tater is one of those cats who is just all around awesome. He is friendly, affectionate and loves to explore. Tater thinks people are wonderful and loves to be held as well as sit on laps. Just seeing a person makes him purr. Tater is also very friendly with other cats and has made it his mission to convince some of the shyer cats to come out of their cages. Once they do, he just wants to play and rub heads. He is young, happy-go-lucky, and lots of fun!

SCRAPPY DOO: Scrappy Doo is a very low energy, laid back cat who loves to sit in laps. Although Scrappy Doo was a little shy when he first came to the shelter he loves to snuggle now that he knows he is safe. Scrappy Doo is one of the best lap cats you will ever meet; If you rub his face he'll roll around and curl himself up in the crook of your arm, all while purring enthusiastically. Scrappy Doo is still a little nervous of other cats because they beat him up when he lived on the streets. He would prefer a quiet home without a lot of other animals. In return he will be more than happy to provide you with three cats worth of snuggling!

RUSTY: Rusty is a beautiful, slightly lazy tiger cat looking for his very own person to love. He's more interested in napping than playing but always perks up when there is someone around to pet him. Rusty likes to sit on laps and love having his face rubbed. So far He is still a little nervous around other cats, but he seems to do well with kids and dogs. To meet Rusty please stop by the main shelter.

BOWZER Everyone who has ever met Bowzer loves him. He is a gorgeous cat with the personality of a dog. He loves to be held, will put his paws on your shoulders to give you a kitty cat hug and rub his head under your chin. When he isn't snuggling, Bowzer loves to play with other cats and chase his toys. He has lots of playful energy and would be a great companion for another cat or an enthusiastic mouser. He'd also be great in a house with kids and dogs. If you want an outgoing, affectionate kitty Bowser is the cat for you!

ESQUIRE: Esquire is silly, playful and fun. He loves to cause mischief, play with toys, wrestle with other cats and explore new places. Esquire gets along especially well with Bowzer and loves to play kitty cat hide and seek with him. When he is not playing, Esquire likes to be held and carried through the halls of the shelter so he can meet new people. He is very friendly and genuinely likes to be held. If you want a fun loving kitty to keep you entertained please come meet Esquire!

WIZZARD: Wizzard is the very definition of a lap cat. He loves nothing more than to sit in your lap, purring away. In fact if you aren't sitting down, Wizzard will meow and chirp until make a lap for him. He is also bound and determined to make friends with all the cats he meets, even when they hiss at him. Wizzard has so much love to give he simply can't believe that another cat wouldn't love him back! His foster Mom reports that despite Wizzard's difficult start to life he was very well behaved at her house and had perfect kitty manners. To meet Wizzard please stop by the main shelter!

These cats have tested FIV+ and need loving homes so that they can live long, happy lives. You can meet them at the CASPCA on Berkmar Drive or email kellbell1919@gmail.com for more information.

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