Some of the New Purrin' @ Pantops Kitties

Tazy #34760
Color Orange Tiger

I am a shy kitty boy and would be better suited as a working kitty. Please visit me in barn cat room #1 at Purrin' @ Pantops. I have a few other kitties that I like to group with in the kitty condo.

Anastasia #35580
Color Muted Tortoiseshell

Hey I'm Anastasia! I'm a big, fluffy, gorgeous queen of a girl! I love to be pet and get all kinds of attention because that's the life I was meant to lead. I'm very sweet and friendly and get along great with other cats! I'd be great in almost any kind of home so make me a part of your home today! I mean how often do you really find a Maine Coon mix in a shelter? My voice is almost as unique as my appearance. I am truly a royal descendant. I am at Purrin' at Pantops 434-293-2252

Cranberry #35478
Color Tortoiseshell

Hey I'm Cranberry! I'm a gorgeous, unique kitty with an amazing, fun personality! I'm very lovey and rub all over you because I really like attention and being pet. Tortoiseshells are the best cats! I'm fun and playful but cuddly and affectionate too! You could have the best of both worlds! I am also very talkative, and I like to chat with you when you are giving me attention. Opening canned food makes me talk as well! Please adopt me at Purrin' at Pantops 434-293-2252!

Squeak #34423
Female Russian Blue
Color Blue Point

Hey I'm Squeak! I'm so friendly and love to be pet! I'm soft and cuddly so everyone wants to hold me. I was moved from the SPCA on Berkmar to the SPCA on Pantops. Right from the beginning I started following the Staff members and Volunteers around. Im always hunting for a warm lap to snuggle up on. If you need a friend I will always be there for you. I am looking for a friend too! Please come see me at Purrin' at Pantops 434-293-2252
Scotch #34135
Color Brown & White Tiger

My name is Scotch and the Charlottesville SPCA has given me a second chance at life. I had a home before, but my owner didn't have the time to spend with me anymore. So here I am. I really hope I get the kind of home I deserve, I am a real tough cookie. Despite my circumstances Im making the best of it. I know somewhere out there is a person who will be just right for me. The staff and volunteers here try their best to spoil me but nothing is as good as a home. I could live in a home with other pets, Im very open minded, but please make sure you have time for me! I have the most grateful eyes you will ever come across. Come visit me at Purrin' at Pantops (434-293-2252) and see what a sweetie I am.

Mounds #35181
Color Grey & White

I am friendly, but still getting used to my new surroundings at Pantops. If you wonder about my name, it is the candy bar, Mounds, and my brother is named Almond Joy. I have beautiful grey and white fur and the prettiest of all Green eyes. Love, Mounds
Nicole #34432
Color Orange Tiger

Hey I'm Nicole! I can't wait to find my new home. Right now I am waiting at Purrin' at Pantops (434-293-2252) until I find a home. I'm a very vocal kitty, I will let you know that I'm bored in here and think it's about time for you to let me out and give me some freedom! At least I always know what I want! Right now Im trying to find that little red light that was flashing around here a minute ago. It couldn't have gone far. I wonder what that thing is? Its fast! No matter how hard I try to catch it it gets away!

Mistletoe #35989
Persian, DLH
Female Young Adult
Color Torbie/White

I'm a laid back gal who arrived at the SPCA just before Christmas. And that's how I got my name: Mistletoe! I'm quite pretty, and even though Christmas is long past, and there isn't much mistletoe hanging up anymore, I'd be happy to have a kiss from you (and if you want to give me a home too, that would be fantastic!) I may seem a little bit shy still, and to be honest I'm a little unsure of things, so I'd probably do best in a quieter home. But as soon as you give me some love, I'll start purring right away, and before you know it we'll be inseparable! I am at Purrin' at Pantops 434-293-2252.

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