Pretty Isabel - An Egyptian Princess


Isabel's early life was shadowed by sadness, but she has shown the resilience and strength exemplified by her Siamese relatives.

Animal Control found her locked in a bathroom with another cat without food, water, or a litter box for a long time.

They brought her to the main shelter, and now she is patiently waiting at Purrin' @ Pantops, where she is hoping to finally get a loving, permanent home.

Isabel is an Egyptian princess in a feline body! Except for the little belly bulge (which probably will disappear once she's more active), she has the svelte, leggy body, and engaging personality of a Siamese cat.
And those gorgeous Golden eyes call tell you a story or two! She dearly enjoys her independence, but also likes being pampered with lap time and pets. Isabel gets along fine with other cats and thoroughly enjoys a round of playing (especially with 'Da Bird (see photo) and anything with catnip). She also loves treats, her scratching post, and rolling on the ground.
Isabel is an extremely intelligent cat who can tell time (she watches the front door intently and always knows when it is time for Purrin' @ Pantops to open). She easily recognizes and vocalizes with her favorite staff, Katie, Heidi, and Rebecca, and the volunteers. Please watch video. swing toy 22.wmv
To learn more about Isabel, please visit or call Purrin' @ Pantops 434-293-2252, open daily at the Pantops Shopping Center, near Rose's and next to Rudy's Dry Cleaning and Enterprise Rent-A-Car and one door away from the Pantops Veterinarian Office.

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