Now Bert will look great under that Christmas tree just in time. After Bert's appearance on TV Wednesday at noon, several folks were interested in him. He was adopted by an older retired lady into a one-cat household, and Bert went home Wednesday afternoon. Good luck, Bert. We love you.

Tiger, Domestic Short Hair - Gray
Size: Extra Large, Age: Adult, Gender: Male, ID: 23541

Bert is a big cat – a really big cat! He weights about 18-19 pounds. His identical twin brother Ernie was just adopted. Bert seems to be okay with this because now he has the whole cage to himself. Even though he does have an extra-large cage, it is barely big enough for him. All the volunteers love Bert. He will purr and purr for you. Bert is one terrific cat – more like a big and soft cuddly teddy bear. He rolls over and shows you his belly. He would look great under your Christmas tree this year. Please give Bert a good home. Bert was adopted from Purrin’ at Pantops.

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