Cougar was Adopted on Fri., 10/27/06 & Lola also Adopted!

Cougar was Adopted on Fri., 10/27/06.
Cougar 22070 Female Beauty (was with Jan at Rummage Bldg.) Cougar is absolutely beautiful with her tiger markings..she actually reminds you of a cougar..hence her name. She loves people and will come over to you to be petted....please adopt her today...she is destined to make your life complete and happy. Please meet Cougar at Purrin' at Pantops.

Lola has been adopted! Lola 20755

Lola is a quiet sweet lovable girl. Lola appreciates gentle petting and rubs. She is happy and adores people and attention. She will purr with contentment when you visit her. She would love to find her forever home and someone special to love her. Please adopt her today at Purrin' at Pantops.

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