Archie (aka Disco) in His New Adopted Home

Enclosed is a short video and a couple of pictures of Archie, the kitty formerly known as Disco, to be passed onto his foster mom.

He is getting along just swimmingly with the other cats in the house, though the female doesn’t seem to think much of him.

She hisses at him if he walks too closely by her, but she hissed at Bird (one of the males) for the first two years that they lived together and now she licks and loves on him. So, it is just a matter of time.

Archie and Mouse have begun playing with each other. Archie is exploring the house, and is a bit slow going up and down the steps.

This weekend we are going to build him a little ramp to go up and down the stairs, complete with carpet so he has something to grip onto.

Our chocolate lab doesn’t understand that the cats are not 80 pound dogs, so we have been working with him for the past two months on calming him down with the cats.

This is of utter importance now with Archie since he doesn’t seem to be able to run when he gets scared (it is as if his little back legs just don’t want to cooperate).

We have a gate up that separates the cats and dog, but it has a cat door within it that allows the cats to walk through but not the dog.

We think he might have cerebellar hypoplasia, and have a vet appointment for him tomorrow to find out for sure. We just love him to death already and are so thrilled to have him in our home!

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