Mews about Oreo

From Oreo's Adopter:
Oreo really enjoys playing. I didn't overdo it when I went to buy toys for her, but the one she likes sounds like a bird and is a strand of cloth. She has a good time outwitting me.
She's gained three pounds and 15 grams since I got her, so we're cutting back on the snackfood. She's doing well.
I'm on summer break, so I have lot's of time to be with her.
Oreo was adopted from Purrin' at Pantops on Nov. 15, 2006 and used to love to drink out of the kitchen faucet.

WCB #112 is being hosted by Kate and Puddy at A Byootaful Life. They are doing a theme of The Simpsons for the new movie coming out this weekend. So be sure to check out the entire round-up over there.


Mosaic Cats said...

Isn't she gorgeous? And so loved! As we should all be.
We love your weekly blog cuz it has such good news.
We wish you were a little closer to where we live now cuz you could help Mosaic Lady find our next fur family member! (Not that she can't find cats needing adoption herself all around us. She's just stalling. We're not sure why. Nor is she.)
Keep up the great and loving work for our fur friends!

Katie said...

Oreo is a very gorgeous kitty and lucky to have such a loving Mum! And she looks like she's enjoying her toys!

Thanks for taking part in WCB this weekend! :)

sher said...

Oreo! What a great home you found! Keep having fun, but don't gain too much weight--or you'll be sentenced to a diet. Hugs!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oreo looks really cute! I'm happy for her...