Pippi Longstocking, John Boy, and Annie Oakley - rescued by the Lynchburg Couple

Some sad news to report today. Pippi Longstocking passed over The Rainbow Bridge yesterday, July 26, 2007. AWARE is deeply mourning her loss. Pippi was Annie Oakley's daughter. We are very sorry for the loss of this young kitty gal and wish AWARE our deepest condolences.

Annie Oakley
John Boy
Pippi Longstocking

Note from AWARE: Here are some pictures of the 3 cats. They had no problem at all adjusting to their new home.
As you can see, Big John (aka John Boy) loves the warm weather we're having today, Sunday, Dec. 10, 2006.

Pippi also likes the warm sun on her. She and her mother Annie also like to hang out in the basement, where there are lots of places to explore and hide.

These 3 kitties are FIV +
AWARE greatly appreciates any contributions to help care for their family of kitties.

Annie (below)

Pippi (above 2 photos)

Big John (was John Boy) above 2 photos
Annie (below)
John Boy, now Big John, is almost 15 pounds. Dan and I transported them on Tues., Dec. 5, 2006 to Lovingston, VA, where they were very happily accepted by the Lynchburg couple for their cat sanctuary.
The CASPCA is very grateful and lucky to have these wonderful folks who save so many cats. Thank you AWARE.

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