Purrin' Cats - This Week's Activity

Sabastian - a beautiful full-blooded Chocolate Point Siamese HAS BEEN ADOPTED ON Wed., 06/27/07. HE WAS FEATURED ON TV THIS AFTERNOON.
Sabastian is a lovable boy. He is extremely talkative and friendly. Sabastian is destined to win your heart. He is approximately 2 years old. Sabastian was adopted at Purrin' at Pantops.

There were 2 other barn cats adopted this week - Sadie and Carrie:

Henrietta and Peaches went home yesterday along with another kitten - from last year's kitten season, Bridgette,

and they will all be joining former Purrin' kitty Eileen in their new home.
Beautiful Calico, Senior kitty, Josephine,

who is declawed was adopted on Sunday through our Seniors for Seniors program.

Colin plus 2 other kitties Dina and Zazu have been placed with the Lynchburg couple at the Cat Sanctuary.

We have some new cats at Purrin' - Buddy

a friendly and pretty female.

South Paw - a big friendly Tabby Teddy Bear.

Morris - An orange kitty like Morris the 9 Lives Cat. Our Purrin' cats that found good homes last week are:
Long-time Purrin' residents -

Marshmellow (with her heart-shaped nose)

and Esmeralda

plus Oscar Rubens Jr.,

and Nell.

Also, Kylie

and Lacie

were adopted together from Purrin'.

Marmalade - a fluffy orange kitten - was adopted last week.

There are several new kittens Purrin' at Pantops. Romulus, Ellie, Violet, Boogie, and Sprite.

This is Violet, and she was adopted on Wed., 06/27/07 from Purrin' at Pantops. This is Boogie, and he was adopted from Purrin' at Pantops on Sun., July 1, 2007.

This is Romulus, and he was adopted by a shelter employee.

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