4 adoptions Through Purrin' at Pantops-Mocha, Jags, Prancer & Gingerbread Man.

Mocha will be living with the folks at the Lynchburg Cat Sanctuary, and Purrin' had 3 adoptions on Monday, Jan. 8, 2007: Jags and Prancer who went to the same home and Gingerbread Man.
Baby Mocha
Siamese Mix

Size: Medium
Age: Baby
Gender: Male
ID: 23740

Mocha recently arrived at the shelter as a stray. He is a Snowshoe Siamese with no tail. He has beautiful blue eyes. He is very cuddly and loves to be petted. He is a special-needs kitten and was happily accepted as an indoor-only kitten at the Cat Sanctuary.
Jags 22893
Prancer 22364
Prancer 22364
Gingerbread Man 23732
Gingerbread Man 23732

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