Wingo ADOPTED & Ham Baby Food story.

UPDATE: Wingo was adopted today, Sunday, October 1, 2006, along with Jasmine. Good luck little Wingo. We are very happy for both of you and know you will have a great life. Fred, the kitten, was also adopted today by a very nice family. No photo, but he is a small, black kitten with a terrific temperament.

Wingo's gorgeous buff-colored fur is growing back nicely.
He loves his ham baby food, which costs .85 cents for a small jar at Foodlion. We can't find it at a lower price anywhere else. At 3 jars a day, this is very expensive, but he needs to gain some weight.
He crys, and crys, and then crys some more for someone to give him a new jar of ham baby food. Then, about 15 minutes later, he again crys for more ham baby food.

If anyone wants to buy supplies for Purrin' at Pantops, we could always use the following:
  1. Hard-Clumping kitty litter. (Sam's Club brand has the best bargain for this).
  2. Paper towels. (Sam's Club brand has the best bargain for these).
  3. Bleach. We never have enough of the above items.

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