Mowzie (AKA Barley) Happy-Ending Story!

From the adoptive mommy: "Here are NEW pictures of Mowzie. That is his new name. I guess you could say his Aunt Wendy from Purrin' helped to name him. He's named Mowzie because he looks like a mouse (but hopefully he won't catch on). >:o) He's so cute and cuddly. He loves to play and cries when I stop. He has the most pathetic, pitiful meow you've ever heard! And, he loves his white furry mouse. He carries it in his mouth back to his "lair" (under the chair) to keep it there and torment it. And, he L-o-o-o-o-v-e-s to S-t-r-e-t-c-h out. You never would have guessed it from when he was at Purrin'. He stretches out and then rolls over. It's his favorite thing, it's so funny! We love him so much! Thank you."


sher said...

Mowzie! Love your name. Your so beautiful. You remind me of a cat I once had. I wish I could tickle your belly.

FERNANDO said...

Thank you for visiting BdF Brasil.

Jelly said...

I love Mowzie's long white whiskers!