Lynchburg, VA former Purrin' Cats Updates

I am thrilled to be able to post the new photos from the nice couple who adopted our Purrin' cats. It is quite evident that the cats are doing extremely well, and they are loved and appreciated by the kind folks who adopted them.

Rex blended in easily and is right at home. He goes inside and out.

Sister Sylvia only shows up at night by Enclosure #2 to eat.
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Camper & Enclosure and the Fenced Enclosure
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Written by the folks who adopted the cats:

MICKEY AND MURPHY (see the kitty door).

Mickey is always right in the middle of everything, but she doesn't like other cats, so she is always fussing at them. This is normal, and she will eventually get over this. She prefers to be inside for now.

Virginia stays in one of our bedrooms either in the closet or under the bed. She is very relaxed here and loves to be petted.

Update: Sadly, Virginia passed over The Rainbow Bridge. She was very ill, and there was nothing that could be done to save her. Rest in Peace, little Virginia. Know that you were loved very much by the Lynchburg couple in the final days of your life.

Murphy has a number of hiding spots in the basement, but she only comes out and moves around when we're not there. She doesn't let us pet her, but with time she will eventually come around.

Curry has been loose for 9 days now.

She hangs around by Enclosure #2

(where we kept her and Sister Sylvia originally)

and likes to be around the other cats. She is not afraid of us, just cautious.

We kept Angelina and Rayna in Enclosure #1 until yesterday morning.

Angelina checked out the surroundings and some of the other cats before going into the woods. She showed up after it got dark to eat.

Rayna went right into the woods. We will probably see her also in the next couple days.

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Ziggywigs said...

Lovely cats. You have some that are the same as my three in colour and to look at. I adore cats and it's nice to see a site devoted to them.