Our Boy Vincent from Rikki's Refuge (famous celebrity)

Vincent D. Cat struts his stuff for Bissell ad

Date published: 6/28/2011

BY Alyx Duckett 

Vincent D. Cat made sure the camera captured only his good side as he sprawled on his stomach on the white backdrop in a photo studio.
Vincent is no ordinary cat. After he was hit by a car about 11 years ago, his right hind leg had to be amputated. He was taken to Rikki's Refuge, an animal sanctuary in Orange County where he resides today as spokescat for the other animals there.
Vincent is also about to become a celebrity cat.
That came about when he placed second in Bissell's Most Valuable Pet photo contest. He'll be featured on the front of Bissell cleaning products. The photo shoot for the ad was Friday in Culpeper at Studio C.
Vincent's missing leg doesn't hinder him from making various public visits or having his picture taken. Vincent was specifically prepared for this photo shoot, manicure and all.
"He got a good bath last night, his ears cleaned and his nails done," said Kerry Hilliard, Vincent's owner and executive director of Rikki's Refuge.
He was also given extra Fancy Feast so he wouldn't be hungry as he modeled for the camera.
Hilliard coaxed Vincent out of his cage when he arrived and directed him to scoot himself over onto the white backdrop, where he instantly made himself comfortable.
"He's just so photogenic," Hilliard said.
Vincent was maneuvered around so that Timothy Carlson, the photographer and studio owner, could capture the perfect pose.
This isn't the first time he has photographed pets, but this was a different experience for him.
"It's the first time I've been hired by a company for an ad," Carlson said. "It's kind of neat."
As often as Vincent was repositioned for his photo shoot, or told to stay or look a certain way, he never complained.
"The average cat cannot do this," Hilliard explained as she admired Vincent for looking at the camera. "He's always a ham."
About every time the camera snapped a picture, Vincent had moved over to visit Carlson, who was more than happy to give him a good chin scratching.
"It looks like he likes you," Hilliard said with a laugh.
After 136 pictures, Vincent's photo shoot came to a close.
Vincent, tired from modeling, was ready for a good back scratch.
Hilliard said Vincent's many fans and friends are excited to see his face on Bissell products.
Jill Weykamp, print production supervisor at Bissell, said Vincent will make his photo debut on the products this fall.

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