Munch, a Munchkin Calico Cat @ the CASPCA

Munch Domestic Short Hair [Mix] Small, Adult, Female, ID: 44524
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I'm willing to bet that you've never seen a kitty like me before! Well, at least not in person!

I'm a Munchkin cat! What makes me a Munchkin cat? I have a regular cat body and tiny little legs! I'm kind of like the Corgi of the cat world if you think about it! Im a rare find indeed.
Munchkin cats have been around for several decades, but weren't officially recognized as a breed until very recently.
In addition to the rare and exquisite features that come with my breed, I have several other great qualities!

First of all, take a close look at my eyes. They are so light green they almost glow! Also, my calico-colored fur is super soft! Feel for yourself!
Obviously I am a beautiful kitty, but what about my personality you say? Let me tell you!

I love being cuddled! I curl up in a ball in your arms and bury my face underneath your chin.
Oh, and you'll love this: When I am feeling curious, I sit up on my hind legs like meerkat or a bunny rabbit!
You should probably know that dogs make me a little nervous; I may try to hide if I see one. Same goes for lots of commotion and loud noises.
But in a quiet, relaxing place I am ready to cuddle and even chase a toy!
Would you like a unique kitty to cuddle with? If so, I would love to go home with you today!
Primary Color: Calico
Weight: 7.375

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