Free Feral Cat Clinic, Sat. Feb. 27th at the CASPCA


I sit beneath the bushes

As she fills my dish each day,

I only venture out to eat

When she has gone away,

I know it will upset her

When I turn away and hide,

As every day she tries her best

To get me by her side.

I wish that I could let her know

That I don’t want to run,

And hope that she will understand

It’s nothing that SHE’S done.

I’d like to have her stroke me

And pat my weary head,

But fear will overcome

And I’ll run and hide instead.

For all the kindly people

Who feed the strays each day,

I pray the Lord will care for them

As they have cared for me.

Dedicated by the author to all the kind and

Caring people who give the lonely ferals a little

care, a little love, and a little hope.

-Annette Easdon

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