BEWARE: Tree trimming scammers

Three men and a woman came to a neighbor's home after 4:30 and said they were tree people and had done work here before. They showed what needed to be done. The neighbor agreed to the work, for which they asked her to write a check for $600. A family member asked them who authorized the work. One guy started to say he had done some work at the house before, but the main guy told him not to talk.

The family member told them to leave, and then he (the family member) went home. No sooner than he arrived home, the neighbor called to say they had come to the door and said they found more work that needed to be done and that the work had been authorized, and they needed another $200. She didn't pay them. The neighbor was told to tell them to leave or she would call the police.

I don't know if they are trying to do this to anyone else in the neighborhood, but wanted to make you are aware of this. I just wanted to make sure that others are on the lookout should these "tree people" try this with other neighbors.

Also, we allow no door-to-door solicitation in our neighborhood.

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