See our former SPCA Thrift Store kitty in her new home

Thank you for adopting from the CASPCA.

Note from the new family: "Oh, she (Buffy) is a wonderful addition to the family. Quite the charmer.

Buffy’s name is now Sandy, officially, or Pinkie, unofficially. We think she is the color of pink sand.

The black one is Spooker, a Dec 2007 adoptee from CASPCA/Big one. He was a scrawny, sickly kitten and didn’t even grow much until he was about 8 months old. Now he is a sleek black satin beauty.

The orange/white one is Butterscotch, a Sept 2007 adoptee from CASPA/big one. She is the princess and runs the house.

Butterscotch had a sister, who we also adopted but Ariel died of lymphosarcoma at 5 months. Spooker was her replacement.

So we now have three, 1-year-olds, and they play like toddlers."

It looks like pretty and small Buffy #31184 has a terrific life and gets along very well with her new family members.

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