Mosby in His New Home Enjoying his Big Bowl of Water

From Linda: "Mosby is settling in well, even starting to throw his weight around. He smacked Alexis (Miss Ellie) for no reason when he was on my lap and she jumped up. So now I have, what one would call, three lap cats: Alexis, Isis and now Mosby. He enjoys going outside, and it's funny because he will dart out the front door and then either is too lazy or forgets to go around back to come in the dog door, so he got a little wet the other night. I forgot he was out and had noticed everyone else coming in out of the rain, when I noticed his pathetic looking face at the front door. He is very vocal at meal time, so he and Isis are a duet, thank goodness the others don't join in :) You know his really rich almost copper eyes, I think he has some Chartreux in him."

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