Tigger is an Exceptionally Handsome, Extra Large Kitty Boy.

Tigger was adopted on Saturday, 09/29/07, at the SPCA Rummage Store. Actually, there were 2 different families interested in adopting him. Good luck in your new home, Tigger. Tigger
Norwegian Forest Cat, Long-Haired, Brown Tabby Mix
Sex: Male, Age: Adult, Size: EXTRA LARGE, ID: 22487
Tigger is a big, handsome, lovebug Kitty boy! He enjoys being petted and would love to find his forever home. Please make his dream a reality and adopt Tigger today at Purrin’ at Pantops. Our Extra Large Cats are usually adopted fast. Please don't miss your chance to adopt Tigger as your new animal companion friend.

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Extreme Canine said...

I'm sure you have a happy home!