Former Purrin' Kitten Justin in His New Home with His New Sister

Justin aka "Squeegee" Squeegee and Friday Squeegee and Friday
NOTE FROM THE ADOPTIVE MOM: I just wanted to let you know that Justin aka "Squeegee" ... is doing great. Here are photos of him and my other cat, Friday, getting along like great pals. He looks really big in that one picture, but that is just the angle of the camera, so I enclosed the other similar picture so you could see he is not that big yet, although he has gained a pound since he left the shelter. He already does two tricks (he can sit on command and shake hands, er paws). And he is so funny trying to do everything the older cat, Friday, can. We get a lot of joy watching them play together. So, everything has worked out, and we are one big happy family.

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