Adopted Cats from Purrin' at Pantops

The following cats have been adopted:
Cosmo, Serena, Tuck, Priscilla, Sushi, Andy, Indigo, Henrietta, Peaches, and Willow.
See also click here for 2 additional adoptions, Half & Half and Sprewster - All from Purrin' at Pantops. Taffy is living with the Lynchburg couple in foster care. More to follow regarding if they adopt him.
This is Henrietta.This is Peaches.This is Peaches.This is Henrietta.This is Henrietta.This is Cosmo. Cosmo. This is Serena.This is Priscilla.This is Taffy.This is Sushi.This is Andy.This is Willow.This is Tuck (The big boy, I loved him).
Tuck and Serena went to the same home. This is Indigo. He is a purring machine and a big lover boy. Indigo and Rocky went to the same home.

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