Miss Ellie's Story

I am Miss Ellie and this is the story of how I found a good home.I was found in a neighborhood where children live and there are a lot of families.
I camped out on the door of a home where I knew they had another cat and cried until someone noticed.
They took me to the vet. I was very thin and my white fur was dirty. I had a hard life for such a young kitty. Then, they took me to work.
I was the house cat until the business closed down. Mommy had me spayed and saw to it that I received all my medical care and shots.
Only one person was interested in me, and she became my new mommy.
She took me home, and I was the only cat.
At first Daddy was not too fond of me, but he got to love me. I am very lovable.
Then the Mommy brought home another cat from the shelter. A big red cat named Simon. I don't like him. I want to be the only cat. We are monitored by the Daddy, so Simon leaves me alone. I am very afraid of thunder storms and lightening, and I hide under the couch.
Then, the Mommy brought home another cat from the shelter last year. A black kitten named Little Al. I don't like him either. He is too active.
We never come into contact with each other because Daddy separates us all the time. Now, I have the master suite in the big house, and I am Daddy's favorite. I am the beautiful Calico, Miss Ellie.
Simon has the first floor plus his own room,
and Little Al has his own room in the big house, and they let him out when I am outdoors.
Simon and I can share the front door step when we are outside, but I am the queen of the house. I love to purr and purr and purr. I am the loudest purring machine you will ever hear. I love to knead biscuits on Daddy's belly and give him kitty kisses.
I used to jump on Mommy's lap while she was on the computer, but now I am Daddy's girl.
Mommy has lots of cats that she cares for at the shelter, but I was their first cat, and they love me the most!
Miss Ellie

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