A through Z - We Love You and Our Cats and our Volunteers.

A is for


B is for Barn Cats.

C is for Candie.

D is for Dandelion.

E is for Edisina.

F is for Ferris.

G is for GiGi.

H is for Honey and Puddin'

I is for Ivan.

J is for Jan, our Director.

K is for Kitten Season.

L is for RacheL.

M is for Mister Rogers.

N is for Nitty.

O is for Oreo.

P is for Petey Boy.

Q is for Queen Bee.

R is for Rocky Road.

S is for Starburst.

T is for The Colonel

U is for SUlly

V is for Vicky

W is for Wingo and Winks and Wendy, our Manager

X is for eXtra special cats at Purrin' and People like you.

Y is for You - All of You who make all of this possible.

Z is for Sue Mantz at the CASPCA
and for Gizmo.


Hot(M)BC said...

Oh that's so cool! We got your linkie up on Weekend Cat Blogging #69 too!
We LIKE the way you do your ABC's!
Sanjee and Robyn

aria said...

hahahahha mister rogers, hee hee

sher said...

I love looking at all those pictures! What beautiful faces--you should feel proud!

Jelly said...

I especially love Ivan's silky grey fur, and Gizmo's kohl lined eyes. So lovely!
Don't worry about Kamikaze - I know why he was upset. I had a guest, and he's a big jealous baby. He knows I love him, though, I tell him every 10 minutes.