New Cats at Purrin'

Honey 21173 Honey is a cuddly lovable girl....she will roll over for attention. She recently arrived at the shelter from foster care and is waiting for her someone special to adopt her. Please make her dream a reality.
Adina 20807Adina loves to play and is extremely smart and active. She enjoys interaction with people and is very attentive to playing games and having fun. She is an all around lovable sweet gal...please adopt her today at Purrin' at Pantops.
Hans 22746 (Maine Coon) Large. Available for adoption. Casper 23096 (declawed front paws, looks like Coco) Casper here...I recently arrived at Purrin at Pantops. I am a sweet, gentle boy who loves to be petted and does not mind being held. I get along with other cats, kids and dogs. Please visit me soon.
These are some of the newest cats Purrin' at Pantops: Contessa 22638
Contessa here...I am currently in foster care through Purrin at Pantops. I am a big girl who likes attention on my own terms. If you would like to meet me, please call 293-2252. Dodger 21576 Dodger here...I am shy and scared of people and will need time to trust. I would be a good barn cat. If you think I would be suitable for you, please make a point to visit me at Purrin at Pantops. (Barn cat room)

Cougar 22070 Female Beauty (was with Jan at Rummage Bldg.) Cougar is absolutely beautiful with her tiger markings . . . she actually reminds you of a cougar . . . hence her name. She loves people and will come over to you to be petted . . . please adopt her today . . . she is destined to make your life complete and happy. Please meet Cougar at Purrin' at Pantops.
Stanley 21025Willie 20852 - a former Purrin' cat, (was returned to the main shelter) Willie here...I am a sweet laid back gentle guy who is hoping to find my forever home and someone special to love me who I will love in return. Won't you share your life with me? Please meet me at shelter today.Jib Jab 22566 Jib Jab is a friendly lovable guy who is destine to win your heart. He loves people and attention. He enjoys all the petting and rubbing you will give him and will appreciatively return the affection. Please adopt him today at Purrin at Pantops. Stanley is a gorgeous young boy approximately ten months old. He enjoys playing and is full of energy. Please adopt him at Purrin at Pantops.

Lucky 22438 HE KNOWS HIS NAME! Lucky is an adorable loverboy. He enjoys being held, petted and is destined to win your heart with his sweet gentle soul. Please make a point to visit him at Purrin' at Pantops.(Wendy holding him). Mira 21656 (Rhea's former foster cat) Mira here....I recently arrived at Purrin at Pantops from foster care. I am a loving sweet girl. I enjoy jumping into your lap and will lay there and purr with contentment. I am a dainty kitty with big green eyes and unusual markings . . . notice my dark spots on one side are lined up in stripes and the other side is leopard spots.Todd 22530 (was with Jan at Rummage Bldg.) Todd here....I am a sweet lovable boy who loves to be petted and will soak up all the attention you give me. I am destined to win your heart and be your new best friend. I get along with other cats, kids and dogs. Please adopt me today at Purrin at Pantops.
Speedee has been adopted! Speedee 22171 (sister to the Honey & Puddin' sisters)-not sure if they are actually related, but they all lived together & were owner-surrenders due to health of their life-long loving owner. UPDATE: Honey and Puddin' have been adopted (on Friday, Nov. 3, 2006). Annie 20143 A Tabby with green eyes and a pretty face. Annie here....I am waiting patiently for my special someone...I recently arrived at Purrin at Pantops from foster care. I am sweet, lovable and cuddly an all round wonderful kitty...what more could you ask for. Tara 20817 in same cage as Goldilocks. Tara is slight shy and somewhat scared. She will need a home with lots of TLC and attention. Won't you give her the opportunity she deserves at love and happiness. Please visit her at Purrin at Pantops.
Lola 20755 Lola has been adopted! Lola is a quiet sweet lovable girl. Lola appreciates gentle petting and rubs. She is happy and adores people and attention. She will purr with contentment when you visit her. She would love to find her forever home and someone special to love her. Please adopt her today at Purrin at Pantops.Jack 22842 (in Kitty City) Jack is a class clown. He loves to play and will charm you with his purr-sonality...he loves to amuse you with his antics. He enjoys being petted and likes to explore. He has a gentle sweet boy who loves to purr and rub around your legs to show his affection. Please adopt Jack today at Purrin at Pantops, he would love to be your new best friend and make you happy!
Haley 22779 (some of her tail was amputated, but she was adopted and is waiting at Purrin' to go home on Wed., Nov. 1, 2006. Haley recently arrived at the shelter as a stray. She was wounded on the tip of her tail and has recovered nicely now. Haley is extremely affectionate and loves to explore. She will talk and meow to you often. Haley will usually meet you in the reception area at Purrin'. Beauty 20898 (barn cat room) Beauty is a shy girl. She will need lots of TLC and a patient quiet home to help her learn to trust people. Please visit her at Purrin at Pantops.
Dreamer 21968 (in barn cat room, but very nice. Needs to eat soft food) Dreamer here....I am currently at Purrin at Pantops and would love for you to stop by and visit me. I like to explore and am always on the lookout for fun and adventure.

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