Happy Birthday, Rena. The Colonel & Ferris have been Adopted!

has now found a home with the Lynchburg couple. He and Honda went there Saturday, September 9, 2006. They are very lucky cats, and we are extremely grateful to the Lynchburg couple who took them both. Later on they hope to also take Ferris and Kia, the companions of The Colonel and Honda. Well, yesterday, Sat., Oct. 7, 2006, The Colonel was officially adopted by the Lynchburg couple, and they also adopted Winks and Ferris, who is The Colonel's girlfriend. I hope they send us new pictures to post along with updates.

He likes being in the room with all the pretty female kitties. They are all spayed and he is neutered, but they all like him, especially his favorite girlfriend, Ferris.

Domestic Short Hair - black
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
ID: 19878
Just a few months ago, The Colonel was at the original Purrin' at Pantops. We had to cover his cage with a sheet because he wouldn't let anyone get near him. He used to hiss when you would give him food and water, and we all had to wear heavy-duty gloves to even get near him.

Then, Rena stated working with him. She began with just a glove - no hand inside the glove - and used the glove to stroke him gently. After a short time, Rena petted The Colonel with her hand inside the glove. This progressed to getting near him and petting him. Next, Rena got inside his cage just a little and petted him without the glove. She would give him kitty treats.

Our move to the new location: Jan decided it would be best now that we have rooms with doors to allow the more feral of the cats to have open cages in the closed room, but they were allowed to go where they wanted in that room. The Colonel found a girlfriend - another semi-feral kitty named Ferris. They bonded and were always together. A couple other feral female (but spayed) cats were put in the room, and all of them got along with each other.

I would estimate some time between May 2006 to July 2006 The Colonel has gone from feral to a very gentle pussy cat. He goes around your legs and purrs and actually wants you to pet him. He meows sometimes and is very, very calm. He never, never hisses anymore. He loves to eat the Purina Indoor Cat Chow, and he drinks plenty of water. The rest of the time he sleeps, grooms himself and his girlfriend, and she grooms him as well. He always uses the litterbox.
He is Sooo Handsome with big, yet sleepy eyes. When you open the door, The Colonel always comes to great you, rubbing his big 'ol head on your legs. This training not work with all the feral cats, but it sure did work with The Colonel - Our Purrin' at Pantops Cat-of-the-Week.

History: The Colonel was found as a stray and cared for by a good Samaritan. He was turned over to the CASPCA, given a good medical exam, was neutered, given his immunizations, and was tested FeLV and FIV Negative. The Colonel was scared and upset to be in a cage. He has been cared for and given lots of love and attention. The Colonel is at the Purrin' at Pantops adoption center, and if you are willing to give this determined, heroic cat a home, you will have a great story to tell.

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