Wendy's Cats and Foster Kittens

Mimi (left and right) Former Purrin' cat.
Posted by Picasa Whatever could this silly sentence mean?
I was wearn’ my Baby Booties when a Lilly Darted across a Cloud and formed a pot of golden Nuggetts?

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Trixie (right) former Purrin' cat

Nuggett foster kitten (left)

Booties Foster Kitten(right)

Mimi (left) former Purrin' cat

Dart (right)

Garf foster kitten (left)


Mimi (left)former Purrin' cat.

Cloud(right)former Purrin' cat

Lilly (left)
Baby (left) former Purrin' cat
Note: Baby & Lilly are NOT the same cats.

Jordan foster kitten (right)



Mia foster kitten (left)

Mazlyn(right)former Purrin' cat, Mazzy

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