Sunflower - Flame Point Siamese - available at Purrin'

Flame Point Siamese

Size: Medium
Age: Young
Gender: Female
ID: 21698

Sunflower, a beautiful Flame Point Siamese female,
presents a real challenge to any potential adopter. Though beautiful, she is currently very afraid of people (likely did not have any interaction with people when she was a kitten), and she acts out aggressively due to this fear. She hides when approached and hisses and snaps when you get near her. On the other hand she gets along well with the other cats that live in her area at the Purrin’ Cat Shelter.
If you are willing to spend the time working with her and follow the daily interactive process needed, Sunflower might be able to be socialized. She also might not. This is a very challenging and gradual process and must be followed exactly every day for the frightened cat to allow human interaction.
At this time it would be easier for Sunflower to become a Barn Cat. If you would like a Beautiful Working Cat, then Sunflower is your kitty. No children please. Sunflower is NOT a house cat. Please ask to see her at Purrin’ at Pantops. We have a Very Special Offer at this time for Barn Cat Adoptions – Two for $50.00 – and, you are required to complete a Match Maker form for consideration. Please visit Sunflower at Purrin' at Pantops.

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