New Photos of Yugi (AKA Sterling) and the vacuum cleaner!

From Yugi's foster mom:
Here is Yugi working on his next "prey"-----that would be me, coming up the stairs. And a nice picture of him showing off his good looks.

Comment from Bonnie: Yes, and now he is even more handsome than ever!

Note regarding Sterling's new name:
Yugi is short for "YOU AGAIN??!!

Here are a few pictures of Yugi, taking on the vacuum cleaner! First he's on the couch and can't decide whether the vacuum or the birds outside need his attention more.
The vacuum won out.
This cat is not afraid of anything! Always entertaining.
He would "stalk' the vacuum cleaner and then if it turned his way, TAKE OFF on a dramatic race through the house, upstairs, downstairs, everywhere.....then come back for more.
He is a riot!

Comment from Bonnie: Sounds like he is still a kitten with lots and lots of energy!

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