Happy 27th Birthday on 09/21/06 to Sarah of ChefSarahJane Blog

Here are Tiggy, plus pictures of Food prepared by Chef Sarah, and Sarah's other animal companion friends to say Happy 27th Birthday to Chef Sarah Jane on September 21, 2006.
Brandy (Left)

Barry (Left)

Kitty (left)

Pesto (right)

Left Photo My husband made these, and they are delicious.

Rolling Rock Beer of Latrobe is from my home State of Pennsylvania and near where we lived for 13 years.


SweetSarahJ said...

Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the dedication! That was very sweet of you. Take care, Sarah

whaleshaman said...

dear bonnie,

what lovely lovely kitties -- excellencies all -- on your blog, though tiggy doesn't appear to know much about fire -- what a little doof! it's scary to see him moving in on the candles, yikes!

but his excellency does get the sweetest ever look on his face when he's sleeping. thanks for sharing thoses photos.

whaleshaman & taboo

one of us said...

Happy Purrrthday from the Poiland Tribe