Darlin' Darla - Pure-Bred Himalayan #22020-SHE HAS BEEN ADOPTED!

This is Darlin' Darla adopted through Purrin' at Pantops from foster care.

This message is from the Foster Mom:
Darlin' Darla is gorgeous, and she has a "runway mode" strut that makes me laugh. I had her for a couple of days before she came out from underneath the bed, but now comes running when she hears me come up the steps. She is eating well and is now a love. I lay on the floor, and she comes over and rubs up against me and then just plops down as close as she can to me. Loves her entire back scratched and belly, too. She definitely knows her name now, too...Darlin' Darla it is.
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More about Darlin' Darla below:

Darlin' Darla
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
ID: 22020

Darlin' Darla here . . . I am a full-blooded Himalayan female who is declawed. I have developed many friends who pet me and take care of all my needs. I am becoming more and more social every day. They tell me I am beautiful and precious. I love all of this special attention. Sometimes I hide, but when you find me, I enjoy being softly petted, and I will purr and show you my belly. Please talk to me and tell me how adorable I am. We are so happy to report that Darlin' Darla was adopted.

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