Little Al's First Vet Visit

Little Al went for his first checkup this afternoon with Dr. Michelle Andersen at Cat Care. He is very healthy and weighed in at 6 pounds. They trimmed his nails, and he screamed. Other than that, he was fine and won't need to return until July of 2007. His picture that they took is indistinguishable from a dark blob of hair, since I held him and turned my head when they took the picture. Little Al has been started on Revolution monthly flea treatment. If you are not willing to spend on your new kitten, don’t adopt one because just the Revolution is very, very expensive. The rest of the exam and all his previous tests, treatments, rabies vaccine, and neutering were done by the CASPCA and were included in the very low price I paid to adopt Little Al.
Dr. Andersen said her husband is the vet at Monticello Animal Hospital. They are Dr. Andersen and Dr. Andersen, and they just welcomed the birth of their baby boy.

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